Friday October 4, 2024

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Manufacturing Day plays a vital role in showcasing the present and future prospects of contemporary manufacturing professions. It achieves this by motivating numerous companies and educational institutions across the country to welcome students, educators, parents, caregivers, and many manufacturing facilities host tours for students and teachers on or around Manufacturing Day. Check with your school, instructor, or guidance counselor to help you find a facility in your area to see a precision machine shop in person, ask questions about this very important career, and learn more about your potential future. Every year, on the first Friday of October, Manufacturing Day is observed nationwide. However, the entire month of October is designated as “Manufacturing Month”.

We have some new recruitment brochures for students and parents that are free to PMPA members.  To order, please email Veronica at

Student Recruitment Brochure(Flipping)

Parent Recruitment Brochure (Folding)

Modern Manufacturing is not about task work and moving things by hand and physical labor.
Manufacturing today involves the use of automation and the creativity of the employee to make the critical things that make our world today.
Without manufacturing, our life today would be filled with manual labor.