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We’re excited to tell you about an untapped employee market for you. According to zippia.com, the precision machinist is Hispanic or Latino (11.7%), Asian (6.9%), and Black or African American (4.8%.)  These numbers do not reflect the American population. We intend to educate these untapped markets as this initiative holds the potential to infuse our shops with fresh, diverse talent.

To take advantage of this opportunity, we are proud to introduce the PMPA Educational Foundation’s PrecisionPath Community Outreach program which is a strategy to invigorate the perception of the precision machining industry to students and adults in minority areas. The goal is to educate and showcase our industry as a viable career choice. This effort intends to reach students from middle school through adulthood, guiding them towards rewarding careers in our field. We intend to reach out to the communities and dispel the dirty, dark and dangerous myths and that college is not the only choice for a rewarding career. Beyond educating an untapped market, this initiative holds the potential to infuse our shops with fresh, diverse talent.

The program’s strength lies in its early engagement approach, inspiring interest in precision machining from a young age. We will provide support to schools as students’ progress through their education to hone their passion for our industry. Additionally, the initiative plans to make a strong impact by exhibiting at career fairs, fostering connections between curious minds and industry professionals.

Working together, this Community Outreach program can thrive and elevate our industry to new heights. Together, we can embrace diversity, educate emerging talent, and propel the precision machining sector towards a dynamic future.

Plan to Broaden the Workforce Diversity in Precision Machining

The PMPA’s Educational Foundation can create a more inclusive and vibrant precision machining industry, while also providing a meaningful platform for people of color to explore and excel in rewarding careers.

Data Source https://www.zippia.com/precision-machine-operator-jobs/demographics/Data Source:


Increase representation of people of color in the precision machining workforce through targeted exposure, education, and promotion of careers.


  • Expose middle school people of color to precision machining
  • Educate high school people of color on precision machining
  • Educate adult people of color in other industries on career possibilities in precision machining
  • Help members with workforce recruitment of people of color


Collaborate with minority-focused organizations and schools to organize industry tours and presentations for students to precision machining shops.

Participate in career fairs and community events in minority neighborhoods to showcase precision machining as a viable career option.

Develop engaging educational materials, videos, and online resources that highlight successful professionals of color in precision machining.

Provide information and or materials to member companies to them expand their recruitment to include more outreach to people of color.

How this Program Benefits PMPA Members

Workforce Growth: An expanded and diverse workforce could help address the industry’s labor shortage and enhance the capabilities of PMPA members.

Innovation: Diverse perspectives can foster innovative problem-solving and fresh approaches to precision machining challenges.

Industry Reputation: A diverse and inclusive workforce strengthens the industry’s reputation, attracting more talent and potential customers.

Market Expansion: A more diverse workforce can also open doors to new markets and customers, contributing to the growth of PMPA member businesses.

Community Engagement: Demonstrating commitment to diversity can lead to stronger community relationships, enhancing the industry’s public image.